Dont second guess your Boundaries

Our expert licensed surveyors provide you with accurate and legally defensible data, ensuring that your property boundaries are properly established. With a boundary survey in hand, you can navigate boundary-related issues confidently and maintain a positive relationship with your neighbors

Avoid Costly Delays

Our subdivision project management services add value, minimize risks, and optimize project outcomes. We provide dedicated project managers who bring expertise, efficient processes, and effective communication to ensure your subdivision projects are executed seamlessly, regulatory compliant, and delivered on time and within budget.

Feature Surveys Complete in 7 Days

Feature and contour surveys add value, minimize risks, and optimize project outcomes. We provide accurate data, comprehensive mapping, and valuable insights that contribute to informed decision-making, efficient design, and successful project execution.

We Focus on Accuracy and Availability

When it comes to developments and construction, we prioritize understanding the needs of our clients and providing them with peace of mind. Our expert surveyors provide accurate measurements, precise site analysis, and detailed mapping, ensuring your projects are built on solid ground, Our Admin team meet your scheduling needs every time. Trust our expertise to guide you through every phase, from planning to completion, and build with confidence.

Saving you Money

“Our pricing structure is designed to be highly competitive, ensuring that you receive exceptional value for your investment. We offer transparent and flexible pricing options that can be tailored to your project’s specific requirements, allowing you to stay within budget.”


Saving you time

“We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver accurate surveys within agreed-upon timelines.

Our efficient processes and dedicated team ensure that your project progresses smoothly, keeping you on schedule and minimizing delays”                                           

Compliance and peace of mind

“We are well-versed in local zoning requirements, building codes, and environmental considerations.

By partnering with us, you can rest assured that your project will be in full compliance, mitigating potential risks and avoiding legal complications”                                         

 Accurate every time

“We utilise state-of-the-art technology, including advanced GPS systems and 3D laser scanning, to ensure precise measurements and detailed mapping. 

With our meticulous attention to detail and digital processes, you can make informed decisions and avoid costly setbacks” 

    Experienced Surveyors  

“Our team comprises highly skilled and experienced surveyors with an in-depth understanding of land and construction projects. We have completed thousands of projects, ranging from residential upgrades to Resources developments, earning us a reputation for excellence in the industry” 


Client centric

“Our team takes the time to understand your goals, challenges, and budgetary constraints. We communicate transparently, providing regular updates and fostering open dialogue throughout the entire surveying process. Your satisfaction is our top priority.” 


PSS Group

Since 2006, PSS Group, originally Perth Surveying Services, has been a cornerstone of the Western Australian community. Our journey, initiated by Chris Finn and later fortified by strategic partner Anton Oud, has seen us evolve into a leading name in Oil and Gas, Mining & Resources, Civil Engineering & Construction.

Licensed Surveying

Licensed Surveying

Our Licensed Surveyors provide the necessary expertise and technology to ensure accurate measurements, identify potential issues, and ultimately save you from future expenses and legal complications.

Engineering and Construction Surveying

Engineering and Construction Surveying

Our Engineering and Construction surveying services add value, mitigate risks, and optimize project outcomes. We provide accurate measurements, timely on-site verification, and expert insights that contribute to efficient construction processes, cost savings, and the successful delivery of your construction projects on Budget



By providing tailored subdivision solutions, we enable buyers to unlock the full potential of their land, whether it’s for residential, commercial, or mixed-use purposes. We listen to their goals and objectives, customizing our services to meet their unique needs.

Land Development Project Management

Land Development Project Management

Our land development project management services add value, minimize risks, and optimize project outcomes. We provide dedicated project managers who bring expertise, efficient processes, and effective communication to ensure your land development projects are executed seamlessly, on time, and within budget.

Underground Scanning and Services Locating

Underground Scanning and Services Locating

We understand the importance of precise planning and budgeting, which our scanning and locating services facilitate. By offering detailed information on underground infrastructure, including water pipes, gas lines, and electrical cables, we empower buyers to make informed decisions, optimize resource allocation, and avoid unexpected costs.

Great Service!

Service and works supplied from PSS has been great, from the office to our surveyor on site no issues at all, would definitely recommend.

-Trevor Seeley

Amazing to Work With!

PSS Group were amazing to work with. They delivered great projects in record time. I would be using them again. Thanks Chris and team!

-Vanesa Gonzalez

A Pleasure!

The PSS team are a pleasure to work with. They are easy to deal with and provide a great service.

-Brayden Murphy

Experts in Land Developments and Construction 

At PSS Group, we specialize in delivering exceptional Land Surveying Services that transcend both Residential and Commercial projects. Whether it’s a cozy Home Development or a sprawling Resources Infrastructure undertaking, our extensive experience covers the entire spectrum. We pride ourselves on being your go-to partner, catering to projects of all sizes.

Curious about the array of services we offer? Allow us to provide a glimpse. For a comprehensive list, simply click on the services tabs above to explore our Residential or Commercial offerings. Rest assured, our portfolio is designed to cater to your specific needs and unlock the full potential of your project.

At PSS Group, we believe in leveraging the power of Land Surveying to propel your ventures to new heights. Experience the difference today and witness the expertise that sets us apart.

Years Established

Completed Projects

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Wheatstone Construction Village

With great pride, PSS Group assumed the role of project surveyors for the Wheatstone Construction Village, a remarkable 3800-room accommodation village nestled near Onslow.


Freshwater Apartments

PSS has been appointed as project surveyors for the duration of Construction activities for the Freshwater Apartments in Claremont by Pindan Builders.

The project is located on a 3,600sqm site on the corner of Stirling Highway and Freshwater Parade in Claremont.

The projects consists of a 5 level development comprising of 70 residences and 10 office suites.

The project will have an end value of approximately $60 million and is due for completion in early 2015.

Bob Hawke College

PSS was engaged as project Surveyors for Stage 1 of the Bob Hawke College in Subiaco, Central Perth.

Bob Hawke College Subiaco, Perth
Botanical Subiaco

Botanical, Subiaco

PSS completed Built Strata works on this landmark project from Edge Developments in Subiaco


Providing Peace of Mind to our Clients

While engineering surveying does require time, it is an essential step in the project planning and design process that can streamline overall project timelines. Engaging our professional engineering surveyors early on allows for parallel work with other project aspects, reducing delays and ensuring timely delivery of accurate survey data. At PSS we recognize the importance of efficient project management, and our surveying services are designed to align with your project schedule, minimizing delays and keeping your project on track.


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Let’s Build Something Together

We understand the complexities and challenges involved in land development.

We’re here to eliminate uncertainty and provide clarity for your project.

With 17 years of business experience and a portfolio of successful projects, we have proven expertise and understand your needs

What is land surveying and why is it important?

Land surveying is the process of measuring and mapping the physical features of a piece of land. It is crucial for various reasons. Firstly, it helps establish accurate property boundaries, preventing boundary disputes among neighboring landowners. Secondly, land surveying provides essential data for property development, construction, and infrastructure projects. Additionally, it aids in assessing land topography, identifying potential hazards, and determining suitable building locations. Overall, land surveying plays a vital role in ensuring accurate land ownership, facilitating construction projects, and promoting safe and sustainable land development.


What is a feature survey and why is it important?

A feature survey, also known as a topographic survey, is a survey conducted to map and document the physical features and characteristics of a property or land parcel. It involves capturing data on elevations, contours, existing structures, vegetation, water bodies, and other natural or man-made features. A feature survey is essential as it provides valuable information for various purposes such as land development, engineering design, construction planning, and environmental assessments. It helps understand the existing conditions of the land, identify potential constraints or opportunities, and aids in making informed decisions about land use and development. A feature survey provides accurate and detailed information about the site, enabling architects, engineers, and planners to design and implement projects effectively while considering the existing landscape and features. Whether you’re a homeowner, property developer, or investor, a feature survey is a valuable tool that helps you understand and utilize the full potential of the land.

What is a boundary survey and why is it important?

A boundary survey is a type of survey conducted to determine and document the precise boundaries of a property. It involves locating and measuring the property lines, identifying any encroachments or easements, and providing a detailed survey report. A boundary survey is essential as it establishes the legal boundaries of a property, preventing boundary disputes with neighboring landowners. It provides clarity and certainty about the property’s extent, helping homeowners and buyers understand the limitations and potential usage of their land. A boundary survey is often required for property transactions, building permits, or construction projects near property boundaries. By obtaining a boundary survey, buyers can make informed decisions about the property and avoid potential legal issues or conflicts in the future.

What is land subdivision, and how does it work?

Land subdivision is the process of dividing a larger parcel of land into smaller, individual lots or parcels. It involves legally and physically separating the land into distinct portions, each with its own boundaries and ownership. Land subdivision typically follows specific regulations and procedures set by local authorities and may require obtaining approvals, permits, and compliance with zoning or development guidelines. The process includes surveying, mapping, engineering design, and often involves infrastructure development such as roadways, utilities, and drainage systems. Land subdivision can enable the creation of new residential, commercial, or industrial lots, allowing for the development of multiple properties on a larger tract of land. It provides opportunities for new construction, investment, and land utilization. Engaging a professional land surveyor, along with relevant consultants and authorities, is crucial to navigate the land subdivision process successfully and ensure compliance with local regulations and development requirements.

What is engineering surveying and why is it important?

Engineering surveying is a specialized branch of surveying that focuses on gathering precise measurements and data for engineering and construction projects. It involves the use of advanced surveying techniques and equipment to provide accurate information for design, construction, and maintenance purposes. Engineering surveying is crucial as it helps ensure proper alignment of structures, adherence to design specifications, and the safe execution of engineering projects. It provides critical data for site planning, grading, road layout, infrastructure development, and monitoring during construction. By facilitating accurate measurements and precise positioning of elements, engineering surveying plays a pivotal role in achieving successful and efficient engineering projects.

What is construction surveying and why is it important?

Construction surveying is the process of gathering accurate measurements and data related to a construction project. It involves setting out reference points, lines, and grades to guide the construction process and ensure the proper alignment and positioning of structures. Construction surveying is vital because it ensures that buildings, roads, bridges, and other structures are constructed according to design plans and specifications. It helps maintain accuracy during the construction process, verifies compliance with building codes and regulations, and assists in quality control. Construction surveying also aids in identifying any potential discrepancies or issues early on, allowing for timely adjustments and preventing costly mistakes. Overall, construction surveying plays a crucial role in achieving precise and successful construction projects.

What is land subdivision project management, and why is it important?

Land subdivision project management refers to the systematic planning, coordination, and execution of activities involved in subdividing land into smaller parcels or lots. It encompasses various tasks, such as obtaining necessary permits and approvals, coordinating with professionals like land surveyors and engineers, overseeing infrastructure development, ensuring compliance with regulations, and managing timelines and budgets. Land subdivision project management is crucial to ensure a smooth and successful subdivision process. It helps streamline operations, minimize delays, adhere to legal requirements, and ensure that the project is completed within the desired timeframe and budget. Effective project management ensures that all stakeholders, including buyers, developers, and local authorities, are satisfied with the outcome. It facilitates efficient communication, problem-solving, and coordination among different parties involved in the subdivision, leading to a successful and profitable land subdivision project. Engaging an experienced land subdivision project manager is highly recommended to handle the complexities and ensure the smooth execution of the subdivision project.

What is underground service scanning and locating?

Underground service scanning and locating is a process used to identify and map the underground utilities and services such as water pipes, gas lines, electrical cables, telecommunication lines, and sewer systems. It involves using specialized equipment, such as ground-penetrating radar (GPR), electromagnetic locators, and utility locators, to detect and mark the precise location of these underground assets. By accurately identifying the position of underground services, this process helps prevent damage to the utilities during construction or excavation projects, ensuring the safety of workers and minimizing service disruptions.