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We’ve been defining boundaries for homeowners like you for 17 years. Your home is not just a structure, but a legacy. Ensuring its boundaries are clear and accurate is vital. At our core, we prioritize precision, having defined boundaries for numerous homeowners. With our expertise, we secure your home’s place in the world, offering peace of mind and shaping its future legacy.

You’ll have confidence that your investment is secure, minimizing the risk of costly mistakes or disruptions during the project

At PSS , we address your concerns about potential boundary issues with confidence and clarity. Our licensed boundary survey guarantees precise property lines, eliminating the possibility of future conflicts that could disrupt your Future plans.

Legal Clarity and Compliance

Our licensed boundary survey provides accurate measurements and legal validation of property lines. You’ll have clear documentation that ensures your renovations, improvements, and projects are within legal boundaries and compliant with local regulations.

Peace of Mind

Knowing your property’s exact boundaries brings peace of mind. You’ll have the certainty that your investment is protected and that you’re making informed decisions based on accurate information, both now and in the future.

Property Value Enhancement:

Accurate boundaries contribute to your property’s overall value. Our boundary survey ensures that your property’s attributes are accurately represented, making it more appealing to potential buyers in the future and increasing its marketability.

Conflict Prevention

By precisely defining property boundaries, you can prevent future disputes and conflicts with neighbors. Our boundary survey eliminates ambiguity, fostering positive relationships and avoiding potential legal battles that could disrupt your enjoyment of your property

Project Assurance

When planning renovations or additions, our boundary survey guarantees that your changes align with official property lines. You’ll have confidence that your investment is secure, minimizing the risk of costly mistakes or disruptions during the project.


Our boundary survey is an investment in your property’s long-term stability. As you consider potential changes, improvements, or even a future sale, having accurate boundary information saves time, money, and potential complications down the line

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What exactly is a Licensed Boundary Survey?

A Licensed Boundary Survey is a comprehensive assessment conducted by a licensed surveyor to accurately determine the property boundaries of a given land parcel. This survey can not only mark out the precise corners of a property but can also identify any encroachments or issues related to property lines. It’s essential for legal purposes and ensures homeowners have a clear understanding of their property’s extents

Why do I need a Licensed Boundary Survey?

You need a Licensed Boundary Survey to avoid potential legal disputes regarding property boundaries, ensure you’re within your rights when building or renovating, and provide a clear record for future transactions. A boundary survey gives homeowners peace of mind by clearly defining the limits of what they own.

How is a Boundary Survey different from other surveys?

While there are many types of land surveys, a Boundary Survey specifically focuses on establishing property lines. Other surveys might concentrate on topography, land features, or construction specifics. Boundary Surveys serve as a legal document that can be used in disputes, property sales, or development planning

How long does the survey process take?

The duration of a boundary survey can vary based on the size and complexity of the property, as well as any existing documentation and alignment marks. Typically, a survey might take anywhere from a couple of hours to a full day. It’s always best to consult with a professional surveyor, like those at PSS Group Pty Ltd, for an accurate timeframe

How often should I get a Boundary Survey done?

Once a thorough and accurate boundary survey is conducted, it doesn’t need frequent updating unless there are legal changes, new developments, or disputes related to the property. However, if you’re purchasing a property without a recent survey, it’s advisable to get one done for clarity and peace of mind

Will the surveyor mark the boundaries visibly?

Yes, as part of the boundary survey process, the licensed surveyor will place markers or stakes at significant boundary points. These markers provide a clear visual representation of property boundaries and can be useful for construction, fencing, or landscaping purposes

What should I provide the surveyor before the survey?

Before the survey, it’s beneficial to provide the surveyor with any previous surveys, Certificates of Title, land records, or information regarding known boundary disputes. This historical context can aid the surveyor in their work and ensure a more accurate and efficient process.

How does a boundary survey impact property value?

A clear, recent boundary survey can potentially enhance a property’s value. It provides certainty to potential buyers regarding the property’s size and boundaries and can also uncover additional land or features previously overlooked or under dispute.

Can I use a boundary survey to settle a dispute with a neighbor?

Absolutely. A Licensed Boundary Survey serves as a legally recognized document that clearly delineates property boundaries. If there’s a dispute regarding encroachments, fences, or property usage, a recent boundary survey can provide clarity and serve as evidence in legal proceedings.

What makes PSS Group Pty Ltd different for boundary surveys?

PSS Group Pty Ltd stands out due to its blend of experience, technological expertise, and commitment to clear communication. The company’s legacy of excellence ensures accurate, comprehensive surveys, and their dedication to client understanding ensures homeowners are informed and confident in every step of the process.

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