Underground Scanning and Service Locating

Our Underground Scanning and Service Locating service offers advanced solutions for accurately locating and mapping underground utilities and structures. Whether you’re planning excavation, construction, or utility maintenance projects, our specialized team utilizes state-of-the-art equipment and techniques to provide comprehensive information about subsurface infrastructure.

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Underground Scanning and Service Locating

  • Building Projects
  • Land Development Projects
  • Civil Projects

Latest Projects


A 49-apartment development is part of Parkside Walk; an exciting LandCorp urban infill development in Jolimont on the site of the old City of Perth nursery.

Vantage Apartments

Vantage RiversEdge Apartments are set to become the finest residential apartments on the Burswood Peninsula.

Construction Village Wheatstone Lng.

The Construction Village includes a range of quality amenities, including a football field, swimming pool, cricket nets, golf driving nets, tennis courts and basketball courts, as well as a 4,300 seat dining facility.