Chrystal Halliday Aged Care Facility

Welcome to the Juniper Aged-Care Residence in Karrinyup – a beacon of modernity, thoughtfully designed to foster unity and connection among residents and visitors alike. Under the expert guidance of T&Z Architects, this remarkable building stands as a testament to the power of exceptional design.
With precision and skill, PSS Group took on the mantle of construction surveyors, ensuring the success of this momentous landmark project.
Each room within this sanctuary of care is adorned with cutting-edge technology, ensuring safety and comfort. Nurse call systems, NBN connections, and CO2 sensors are thoughtfully integrated, leaving no room for compromise when it comes to the well-being of residents.

As you step into the embrace of Juniper, you’ll be captivated by the lavish attention to detail in every facet. High-quality fixtures and finishes, from decorative ceiling tiles to metal and louver screens, merge with timber cladding and natural limestone, forming an enchanting symphony of elegance.

Not just a building, but a home that cares, Juniper even extends its thoughtful touches to the minutest of details. The hallways, lined with wallpaper meticulously color matched to the flotex carpet and door colors, become memory aids for residents in the dementia wing. This nurturing approach resonates with David Ogilvy’s philosophy of empathy, fostering an environment where memories are cherished and hearts find solace.

Here, amidst the warm embrace of Juniper Aged-Care Residence, the future and the past intertwine harmoniously. It’s a sanctuary where the best of modern technology and the essence of compassionate design converge, creating a haven of comfort and tranquility.

Welcome to Juniper – where open spaces bring hearts together, and every detail is crafted with neuro-linguistic precision to ensure the well-being and joy of its cherished residents. A testament to the power of remarkable design, this is a place where compassion, care, and innovation dance in perfect harmony.

Project Information

Client Name: Firm Construction
Duration: Sept 2017 – April 2019
Location: Karrinyup WA
Project Costs: $32 Million
Project website link https://www.firmconstruction.com.au/chrystal-halliday-aged-care/