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PSS Group Awarded Surveying Subcontract on Wheatstone Project

PSS Group is pleased to announce that it has entered into a surveying works agreement with ATCO Structures & Logistics Pty Ltd on the Chevron-operated Wheatstone Project in Western Australia. PSS Group is pleased to announce that it has entered into a surveying works agreement with ATCO Structures & Logistics Pty Ltd on the Chevron-operated Wheatstone Project in Western Australia.

Under this contract, PSS Group will install control to geospatially reference all installation, as well as set out of all construction elements and completion of as-constructed drawings under the ATCO Structures & Logistics Pty scope of work. As a result of the agreement, PSS Group has created two Western Australian jobs. The Engineering Surveyor positions will be responsible for the installation of survey control, drawing translations, clash detection and design support and the delivery of records and reports.

“We are very pleased to continue providing our services to the Wheatstone Project, this time with ATCO Structures & Logistics,” said Chris Finn, Co-owner, PSS Group.
“We have secured a number of subcontracts on the Wheatstone Project which have enabled our business to expand rapidly and generate jobs. Over the last two years, PSS Group has doubled in size, in large part due to the opportunities created by the Wheatstone Project, one of Australia’s largest resource projects.”

This is PSS Group’s seventh subcontract on the Wheatstone Project, as the company continues to expand its surveying services.

For media enquiries and further information, please contact
Chris Finn, Co-owner/Managing Director, PSS Group
Tel. (08) 9303 2407
Anton Oud, Co-owner/Business Development Manager PSS Group
Tel. (08) 9303 2407

About PSS Group

PSS Group is a leading consultancy providing precision surveying solutions to the resources infrastructure and commercial construction industries. PSS was established in 2006, and has an experienced team of employees working in Perth and the North-West. Among our valued clients are oil and gas producers, mining companies, petrochemical enterprises, land and property developers, civil engineers and construction companies.

PSS Group provides a cost effective and solution driven service. Our analytical view of the overall project responsibilities means that potential issues can be identified and referred back to the design team, rather than being allowed to disrupt the construction phase. We believe in supplying outputs that can be easily understood and that are suited to multiple uses by different construction trades, resulting in accurate and precise installation of all project elements.
Our commitment to the highest levels of service has delivered an exceptional track record of staff retention and client satisfaction. The company has certified its integrated management system, incorporating Occupational Health and Safety, Environment and Quality to international standards ISO 9001, 4801 and 14001. For more information about PSS Group please visit www.pssgroup.com.au


About ATCO Structures & Logistics Pty Ltd

ATCO Structures & Logistics Pty Ltd is the Australian division of ATCO Structures & Logistics Ltd. Headquartered in Brisbane, Queensland, the division has nine sales offices and five manufacturing facilities throughout Australia. Established in 1961, the company has provided modular design, manufacturing, and construction services throughout Australia and Asia.

ATCO Structures & Logistics offers modular buildings, site services and industrial noise control solutions worldwide. It has manufacturing facilities in North America, South America and Australia, and operations on six continents. To learn more, visit www.atcosl.com.
ATCO Structures & Logistics is part of the ATCO Group of Companies. ATCO Group, with more than 9,800 employees and assets of approximately $16 billion, delivers service excellence and innovative business solutions worldwide with leading companies engaged in structures & logistics (manufacturing, logistics and noise abatement), utilities (pipelines, natural gas and electricity transmission and distribution), energy (power generation, natural gas gathering, processing, storage.
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