1. Preparing a Subdivision Application
  2. Lodging an Application to WAPC
  3. Referral to Relevant Authorities
  4. Subdivision Approval
  5. Reconsideration/Appeal of Conditions and Decisions
  6. Under Subdivision Works
  7. Clearance of Conditions
  8. Final Endorsement
  9. Lodgement of Survey Plan for Registration



All subdivision applications made to the West Australian Planning Commission (WAPC) must include a plan of subdivision which has been prepared in accordance with the WAPC’s guidelines.



PSS Group’s Licensed land surveyors are able to survey your lot, provide advice on how best to subdivide the land, prepare subdivision plans and lodge subdivision applications with the WAPC on your behalf.



Subdivision Applications submitted to the WAPC are referred to the Local Government for comment. Once a subdivision application referral is received by the City, Officers have 42 days from the date of the referral to



  1. Assess the application
  2. Notify WAPC of whether the application complies with relevant Planning schemes and any relevant local policies.
  3. If the application complies with the relevant requirements the council will recommend support subject to appropriate conditions.



If the WAPC then supports the application, you will receive approval with conditions that are required to the satisfied, prior to final endorsement of the subdivision. The approval is valid for 4 years for subdivisions that create more than 5 lots and 3 years for those that create lots 5 and under.



A request to reconsider the conditions may be made to the WAPC within 28 days of the date of approval.



When all conditions have been cleared and the necessary clearance letters have been obtained from relevant authorities the applicant must apply to the WAPC for endorsement of the Deposited/Strata Plan.



Following final approval for the WAPC that must then be lodged at the Land Title Office of Landgate to obtain new titles.



PSS Group can be involved as much or as little that meets your specific requirements, please call us to discuss.