Encore Apartments

Situated at the heart of the rejuvenated Subiaco area, on Roydhouse Street, Encore beckons with an alluring urban lifestyle. This visionary project by Blackburne exemplifies their unwavering dedication to “affordable luxury,” thoughtfully crafting compact yet exceptional apartments that effortlessly merge quality and competitive pricing.

Encore stands tall as a paragon of sustainability, having earned an impressive 4 Star Green Star equivalent rating. The development boasts an array of energy-saving features, such as a cutting-edge photovoltaic solar energy system and a highly efficient central hot water heating service. Embracing inclusivity, Encore addresses diverse housing needs by incorporating adaptable units, easily modifiable for disabled access, catering to the evolving demographics of our dynamic city.

A testament to social responsibility, ten apartments were sold at construction cost to the Department of Housing as Affordable Housing, seamlessly blending with the rest of the development. The remarkable success of the project was evident, achieving required presales within an astounding ten weeks of its grand debut in May 2013, with an impressive fifty apartments being sold within the first fortnight. Notably, Encore also plays host to the award-winning architects, Hillam Architects, who proudly found their new abode within the commercial suites at the development.

Accolades and recognition naturally followed the excellence exhibited by Encore:

Finalist in the prestigious 2015 UDIA Awards for Excellence in the High Density Development category.
Nominated for the 2015 UDIA Awards for Excellence in the Affordable Development category.
In sum, Encore is an ode to modern living, skillfully balancing luxury with affordability and sustainability with inclusivity. Its impact extends beyond bricks and mortar, serving as a shining example of responsible urban development that embraces the needs of the community.

Project Information

Client Name: Diploma Construction
Project Location: Mount Pleasant
Duration: February 2014 – August 2015
Website: https://www.blackburne.com.au/collection/encore/

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