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Freshwater Apartments

Freshwater Apartments: A Visionary Oasis Unveiled!

PSS stands tall as the appointed project construction surveyors for the extraordinary Freshwater Apartments in Claremont, built by Pindan.

Picture this – nestled gracefully on a sprawling 3,600sqm site, where Stirling Highway and Freshwater Parade intersect, Freshwater Apartments emerges as a beacon of elegance, capturing hearts with its boundless allure.

Behold the grandeur of a 5-level symphony, orchestrating 70 luxurious residences and 10 exclusive office suites in perfect harmony. Each aspect is a testament to the artistry of modern living, where every detail is meticulously woven to evoke wonder and delight.

The transformative power of Freshwater Apartments is unmatched, as it weaves a captivating future for Claremont. Destined to leave an indelible mark on the community it embraces.

As the countdown to early 2015 begins, excitement reverberates through the air, anticipating the grand unveiling of Freshwater Apartments.

In the heart of Claremont, Freshwater Apartments stands as a testament to boundless possibilities, where beauty, comfort, and sophistication unite in seamless harmony. PSS takes the helm, orchestrating this visionary oasis, where imagination knows no bounds.

Witness the birth of a radiant gem, where elegance becomes a way of life, and artistry elevates living to new heights. This is Freshwater Apartments – where dreams become reality, and life itself is a masterpiece in the making.



Project Information

Client Name: Pindan
Duration: 2014 – August 2015
Location: Claremont
Project link website http://www.freshwaterclaremont.com.au/